Wikipedia blocked me for ThoughtCrime, Blaspheme

Posted this poem on Jimmy Wales’ Talk Page in regards a WP:NoNazis policy, Wales is the founder of Wikipedia:

First they came for the Nazis
How about Zionists next?
Did God really give them that land or the United Nations,
are Palestinians in concentration camps?
Is criticism of Israel antisemetic.
Where do these WP:THOUGHTCRIME end?
If “racists” and Nazis don’t use reliable sources or follow policy, they get banned.
Why are there Laws against Holocaust denial, what are they afraid of?
[[Trump derangement syndrome|Why don’t we block Trump supporters]]?
We should be skeptical and open minded not WP:BIGOT!
– Raquel Baranow

Bigots at Wikipediocracy banned me for “promotion of nonsensical Holocaust-denial nonsense”.
tHe FrEe eNcycLoPedIa aNYonE CaN eDiT

Very sad. The bigots fail to realize Raquel Baranow is an iconoclast, Messiah.